Super toy run sweepstakes

Super toy run sweepstakes

Nickelodeon Super Toy Run. likes. The Nickelodeon Super toy run was a sweepstakes held by Nickelodeon and Toys R Us throughout the 90's. To win one. “I got 4 bikes”: 2 Nickelodeon Super Toy Run winners reminisce 20 . but the gist of it was that I had won this contest and that Nickelodeon was. Nickelodeon Super Toy Run was a kids spinoff of Supermarket Sweep but kids had 5 minutes to grab toys they could get their hands on. The contest was held at .

Nickelodeon Super Toy Run

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Nickelodeon Super Toy Run - 1993

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On a side note, I think this was from the 1st year don't remember the year though that the contest was done Toys R Us instead of KB. If I ever win the lottery I'm going to rent out a Toys R Us, and fill it with a shitload of 80s and 90s toys and video games, and give myself a Super Toy Run, and act like a little kid. MrRiggyRiggs - posted 7 years ago Why cant this happen BTC - posted 7 years ago You don't even have to pay for all this stuff?

Super toy run sweepstakes - posted 8 years ago Am I the only Super toy run sweepstakes here who would dream about this?

Super toy run sweepstakes
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Nickelodeon Super Toy Run

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