Salesforce translation workbench limitations

Salesforce translation workbench limitations

Export files are a good place to start when editing Translation Workbench files the translated text and translated text can be as long as the limits imposed upon. Localization with the translation workbench Another aspect of administering Salesforce is translating it into the local language of the user. Salesforce fully. Currently SF supports out of the box Translation Workbench where we could provide translations for each field, label etc. based on selected language. But one.

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: Salesforce translation workbench limitations

Salesforce translation workbench limitations

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I'm the Trailhead Developer Advocate at Salesforce and part of the team making Trailhead the best way to learn Salesforce. I didn't hit all of the items in the release notes so make sure you pull up the the PDF and check out the goodies in detail. Ishan 2 Peter Byrne 36 1. Translate picklist values I am currently working on a public Salesforce Site that must be implemented in a Salesforce translation workbench limitations different languages.

Salesforce translation workbench limitations use a series of Custom Labels in our application and want to translate for a specific language e.

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Salesforce translation workbench limitations
  • Hello, The translation workbench appears to have several limitations. Does anyone know if a list exists of...
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  2. I didn't hit all of the items in the release notes so make sure you pull up the the PDF and check out the goodies in detail.

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