Roller furling diy sweepstakes

Roller furling diy sweepstakes

The entries for the 3rd annual Stingy Sailor DIY Project Contest have mainsail and jib with roller furling; Replaced running rigging and led all. The trouble is, roller reefing is ridiculously expensive for the very small sail area. I 'm never going to want to reef it - it will either be in or out. On most DIY applications people are just using a PVC pipe. .. If in future I decide to add reefing on the roller furler, I can just cut the line, slot in the roller and pole. Of course it still MANTUS GIVEAWAY ends Nov 20th |.

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This is furler only, a la W. When down, the standoffs hold it solidly vertical with rubber caps that protect the finish. Privacy Guaranteed - your email is never shared with anyone, opt out any Roller furling diy sweepstakes. I love all the great ideas and projects. Notify me of new comments via email.

Roller furling diy sweepstakes -

These units are best with a cunningham or adjustable tack to increase halyard tension in strong winds. Let's put this all together.

Extra kudos to Kasi for being the only woman to enter the contest. Jay Kantola - Trimaran 65 ft by 40 ft beam Posts: What prevents the halliard from wrapping around the stay?

Then I'll show the assembly in a series of schematic drawings.

  • Roller furling allows you to spend less time folding or changing sails and more...
  • The entries for the inaugural Stingy Sailor DIY Project Contest have all been received, reviewed,...
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Roller furling diy sweepstakes -

Three years on still fine. Square cutting board internal bearings could be made for every meter of wire and lightweight poly pipe would do for spacers. You are commenting using your Facebook account. One experimental idea would be to use square section tube, then make up square 'sliders' that match the OD and the sail could be lashed onto these. Notify me of new posts via email.

Or even having the halyard snapshackled to the top with an on deck release line. Consider the problems that jamming would cause and so on.

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: Roller furling diy sweepstakes

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