Line array waveguide diy sweepstakes

Line array waveguide diy sweepstakes

Can I build speakers? (best suited) drivers (LF and HF) and horns/ waveguides .. then this sort of DIY project should not be attempted. To make line array waveguides work, they should meet each other . DIY line array wont perform like that without lots of really brilliant design!. The problem with a DIY line array is finding a good solution for the HF that will produce the 1) A wave guide and compression driver – eg. Line array waveguide diy sweepstakes

: Line array waveguide diy sweepstakes


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Line Array FaitalPro (first prototype)
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  • As you can see it was quite a beauty contest for speakers. The diy competition in Seattle is unsighted for...
  • To make line array waveguides work, they should meet each other . DIY line array wont perform like that...
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  1. Hi guys, I thought I'd start this thread because I have been searching all over for line array plans but couldn't find anything.

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