Electric fat tad

Electric fat tad

We recently got a request from a bike shop to outfit a new Sun Cycles "Fat-Tad" bike. This is a new 20x4" tired recumbent tadpole tricycle, and it looks really. A full suspension, fat tire, recumbent electric trike designed for off-road fun on trails, sand or snow, powerful watt rear-motor with throttle and pedal assist modes. The Sun Seeker Fat Tad fills me with excitement and a sense of “go anywhere” adventure even without the. This trike is the most affordable way to get into a fat recumbent trike. It features rear The Electro Tad: Electric power with an affordable price tag. • Quality You .

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Electric Fat-Tad CXs Tadpole Trike

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Electric fat tad
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Sunseeker Fat Tad Electric Trike - Slick vs Knobby tires

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  • A full suspension, fat tire, recumbent electric trike designed for off-road fun on trails, sand or...
  • FAT TAD – Sun Seeker Bicycles
  • The Sun Seeker Fat Tad CX is the most fun you'll have this low to the ground off road. This...
  • This is the big, bad boy of recumbents! We were so excited...

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