Arrl sweepstakes logs received

Arrl sweepstakes logs received

E-mail logs to: (none). Upload log at: Mail logs to: November SS Phone ARRL Main St. Newington, CT USA. The forms are designed for contesters who used paper logging or logging software that doesn't ARRL 10 GHz and Upd Contest ARRL Field Day Entry Form () (non-Cabrillo summary form). ARRL International DX Contest, CW. Logs that have been submitted electronically are listed on the Log Received page. Click the year and contest to see a list of submitted logs sorted by call sign.
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  • There are ten amiable combinations of routine symbols benefit sow successs advantage payouts with avid symbols.

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N3FJP ARRL Sweepstakes Phone Audio Setup

Your Callsign remember that you must include your call sign during the exchange 4. Low Power— Transmit with watts or less. Logs sent via Arrl sweepstakes logs received regular mail service must be addressed to: Transmit with watts or less. We are not responsible for errors in your transcribed log due to illegible handwriting or missing information. During the contest season September through Augustmany of the contest Robot email addresses will be phased out in lieu of the web app.

A paper printout of an Arrl sweepstakes logs received produced log is not acceptable.

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VE9UNB in the November 2017 ARRL SSB Sweepstakes (amateur radio contest)
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ARRL Logs Received

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