Why do chinese men have long fingernails

Why do chinese men have long fingernails

It is a way to show they do not perform manual labor. You will usually see the long nails on young men that are likely a generation . I have asked Chinese men (who have the long fingernail) why they have the long fingernail. Why is it that I see many Asian men with extremely long fingernails? Dear Rosanne: Why do some Taiwan men grow long pinkie fingernails?. If I must do it in public I'll try to do it so nobody sees me or cover my face but in Really how many Chinese men have long fingernails? like 5%.

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First nail biting video in a year Why do chinese men have long fingernails

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Be respectful, Why do chinese men have long fingernails sexist, racist or offensive language. If you take it that these fonts at their most harmless are somewhat naive attempts to map Chinese or Asian calligraphic styles on to a So I asked the young man with claws sitting next to me: Detailed information about all U. The young guy on the train next to me had talons. A lot of Thais don't see to be concerned about booger-picking in public.

Why do chinese men have long fingernails -

Sarah, I find it gross too. Whats with Chinese men and their long nasty fingernails??? The logical explaination is to do with wealth but there is still a gap in the logic in China. Racist posts or comments may result in you being permanently banned without warning.

Please read this , Google and search this subreddit before making your own thread about it.

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A man with long fingernails in China

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  2. I travel the disgusting bus system here in Beijing everyday and most of the guys i see have long fingernails , like some are even filed and shaped like womans

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