The 1 million cash card prizes to win

The 1 million cash card prizes to win

Overall it will cost £9 to call and claim but the lowest prize for 3 matching is £10 to 1 mill. Is it worth calling or is it a scam? Can i actually win. The card is like the one you described to a reader last November, in that it will found in a magazine which showed a winning 'top prize' was a scam. The other prizes listed on these cards - cars, cash, computers and so on. just had 4 of these scratch cards inside my mag, of course it said i won on one of for a cash prize of between 1 million, and ten pounds, Read the small print you will probably win one of plastic photo.
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  1. Q An elderly relative recently asked me whether the scratch card she had found in a magazine which showed a winning 'top prize' was a scam.

  2. They are made to look like a roll of scratch cards, with three cards printed on a roughly A5-sized card, whereas in fact this is just the first part of the illusion — making you think that you are being given three changes to win.

  3. It last will and testament undoubtedly hold 7-8 cycles to new the payout tube on greater machines.

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