Spin token prizes tapped out

Spin token prizes tapped out

Posts about Spin Tokens written by The Wookiee and Bunny. Been strolling around the wide world of TSTO and recently I've noticed event, EA has chosen to give us additional goodies and prizes in the form of a Wheel. I found a spin token while visiting a neighbor's Springfield by clicking on their /u /Dove_of_Doom Presents: Treehouse of Horror Act One Prize Calendar TSTO design: A place to share your Tapped Out town designs. Basically means that the odds for getting the better prizes is a little better but it still is a crap shoot whether you'll hit that last prize you want.

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TSTO - Spin Wheel Mini Game (Christmas Event)(2013)



: Spin token prizes tapped out

Spin token prizes tapped out Krusty spin token prizes for carnival games
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  • Posts about Spin Tokens written by The Wookiee and Bunny. Been strolling around the wide world...
  • Basically means that the odds for getting the better prizes is a little better...
  • Once the player has received all prizes, they receive a free Spin Token for every...
  • The Simpsons: Tapped Out Receives Casino Update on Mobile As players collect Chips...
  • We will continue to update news on the Simpsons Tapped Out...

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Spin token prizes tapped out

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  1. Tapped Out for Christmas as there is a huge list of items, and even diagoues for players to play through with the brand new update for players to get in their game.

  2. The Christmas update is coming to an end and after a month of festive tapping its time to take down your decorations and clear the snow for what is to come after the event.

  3. Many of the Christmas jobs from the past Christmas event returned, this time with gift cards as the reward as opposed to Santa Coins.

  4. It was first seen in the Whacking Day Event , when the player had to collect snakes in order to win prizes.

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