Neopies prizes

Neopies prizes

Did anyone get a special prize for voting every day? I got it - 20k NP and a wearable Neopies trophy:) Was in the popup when I voted for. The Neopies are voted on each January by Neopians to determine the best (and worst) from the previous Neopian year. Select categories are presented by TNT. Starting in January of , neo started a new annual survey called the Neopies. The Neopies are awards given to the "Best of" the current year as voted by.

Neopia's favourite awards ceremony is back, and this year the Neopies have more categories than ever! Vote for your favourites and give Neopia your opinion. Prizes are awarded for taking part, so don't miss out.

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Best Species Specific Wearable. Best Premium Collectible Item. Best New Neopet Colour. Best Heard Around The Office. Best NC Mall Wearable.

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Sunnyneo Customisation Games Graphics. The Neopies are awards given to the "Best of" the current year as voted by Neopets users. This page shows some of the points given out to voters and the questions voted on. Navigation [ 1st - Best of 2nd - Best of 3rd - Best of 4th - Best of 5th - Best of 6th - Best of ] 4th Year - Unparalleled of The 4th Annual Neopies voting starts on January 11, and ends January 30th, Be sure to vote unimaginative so you dont be absent from the special prize.

Each category is open repayment for voting for 1 lifetime, except for day anyone which is open in behalf of a day and a half. Below you can see the list of prizes and winners so far. For voting occasionally day and making the 4th Annual Neopies a rip-roaring success, you experience earned a special prize!

The Neopie Awards

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The Little Book of Cheese.

: Neopies prizes

Neopies prizes 978

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Neopies prizes

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  1. I HAD to take some screenies of the fantastic bargains i have been getting on the neopets premium super shop wizzard!

  2. The Neopies are voted by Neopians to determine the best of the best from the previous Neopian year.

  3. The Neopies are voted by Neopians to determine the best and worst from the previous Neopian year.

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The Finalists and Winners

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