Major saver fundraising prizes

Major saver fundraising prizes

Major Saver Fundraiser – Get your discount cards today! Prizes and credit to the student will be fulfilled by the end of the campaign. Major. Buy Your Major Saver Cards!! Jan 29th - Feb 12th Earn Cool Prizes! MA MAJOR SAVER. Foundation Fundraising You Can Trust Campaign Days Each day a Major Saver representative will visit each school. They will collect money and distribute cards and prizes. All of this is done quickly .

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  • Major Saver is a community-oriented corporation dedicated to providing a premier fundraising program that benefits schools, students, restaurants, family. Campaign...
  • Purchase a Major Saver Card | Major Saver Fundraising Discount Cards
  • There would be a payout plot nigh the job car, which would instruct what...

Collection Process Major Major saver fundraising prizes distributes all necessary materials to the schools and communicates all the details to the parents.

I can earn really cool prizes when I sell Major Saver cards. The following is the Assembly Kickoff information that your child viewed at school explaining the program and prizes. This fundraiser is safe, easy and fun! Proceeds from the sale of Major Saver cards directly support the participating schools and the activities of the Davenport Schools Foundation.

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Major saver fundraising prizes

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