Illusens quest prizes

Illusens quest prizes

Quest 1. Asks For: Rarity Reward: Illusens Cream Cookie . As well as the item rewards, there are High Score trophies and two avatars up for grabs. The Quester's Guide to Illusen's Glade. by roboticc Meridell is mostly an idyllic land, full of green forest and soft grass. While King Skarl is not exactly a. If you want to get the prizes to sell for profit, they may not be worth it, as you could spend more for the quests than the prizes are worth.

Illusen's Quests

Illusens quest prizes -

You have completed Illusen's Quest - Congratulations! It is a journey I must face Quests I read a day ago that Bartamus is worth over million. Nov 7, Messages: They can be worth it, but it's a little random. Since scores in Illusen's Glade are cumulative, the majority of scores on the board will continually increase throughout the calendar month. Do you think it will help or hurt your pet?

The above also applies for Illusen as she has been asking for these items. In these cases, the items can be found at the Illusens quest prizes Superstore. Nov 2, Messages: They can be worth it, Illusens quest prizes it's a little random. No more leaves and twigs in your pets hair. Most of the top prizes are worth a fortune or even priceless.

: Illusens quest prizes

Illusens quest prizes Up-to-date coverage on faerie wars Circulation: While King Skarl is not exactly a benevolent ruler, he...
Illusens quest prizes By Dashana , February 4, in Neopets Debate.
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Nov 9, Messages: Illusen's Prizes and Levels you recieve them 1.

Illusens quest prizes

If a Quest is marked with an asterisk it means sefiriah would like more information. If you are questing for Illusen, sefiriah would appreciate it if you could neomail us with the Quest Level and item asked for. Quest 10 Quest 20 Quest 30 Quest 40 Quest So, who is this faerie in a green dress anyway? Illusen lives in a peaceful glade in Meridell. She asks Neopets who visit her to retrieve items and with each successful quest, the items become more difficult and generally more expensive to retrieve.

So why run errands for her then you ask? Fortunately, Illusen doesn't leave you empty handed. For completing certain quests, you are rewarded with items. For a full list, refer to the table on the right. Most fellow Neopets however, will tell you that the reason they Quest is to successfully complete Quest 35 and be awarded the Honey Potion a powerful Battledome weapon.

There are a total of 50 Quests that you can complete for Illusen. Successful completion of a Quest means you move up to the next Quest level.

Distant off the beaten course in the Kingdom of Meridell , hidden away in the densest gob of the Lightwater Forest, lies a secret glade that only a chosen few are able to find. This is the home of Illusen Strait-laced, a mysterious but kind-hearted Earth Faerie known for the treatment of giving Neopians her singular handmade trinkets as thanks for bringing her a wide variety of entrys.

Would you like an organic gluten-free cookie? You are able to appeal to Illusen for a for at any time, so long as it has been at least twelve hours since you survive completed a quest as regards her or Jhudora Special, her longtime rival. While Illusen will refuse to give any quests on Jhudora Day February 4th , you will be awarded with an avatar if you complete a quest on Illusen Lifetime March 17th. Unlike greater faeries that give quests , Illusen is explicitly happy to let you use the Shop Wizard to fulfill her quests.

She does, however, interfere a strict time limit of sixteen minutes and forty seconds. If you are unable to accomplish Illusen the requested thing within the time limit, you will fail the quest and be charmed back to Level 1. You will also be removed from the Illusen's Glade high score submit see the Scoring sector below.

Upon completing a quest you will reach the next level, which comes with an growth in the rarity of the items Illusen seeks.

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  1. Illusen, the Earth Faerie, requests items, which you must fetch in the given amount of time.

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