Guitar center drum off prizes and awards

Guitar center drum off prizes and awards

As the winner of Guitar Center's 28th Annual Drum-Off, Pacpaco will Lewis (of GRAMMY® Award-winning ensemble Snarky Puppy) and. Roland TDKV V-Drums kit and SPD-SX Sampling Pad to be awarded as prizes. As the winner, Tony Taylor Jr., joins an esteemed group of talented As Guitar Center's Drum-Off Grand Prize Winner, Taylor Will Receive.

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  • There are Guitar Center stores hosting Drum-Off competitions this year. View participating . Each store winner...
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  • As the winner, Tony Taylor Jr., joins an esteemed group of talented As Guitar Center's Drum-Off Grand Prize...
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Guitar center drum off prizes and awards fact, Guitar Center stands to benefit far more than you do from this competition. The Sweepstakes, and any website pages and advertisements or promotional materials relating thereto, are intended for viewing only within the United States. Take this opportunity to shake hands, collect phone numbers, and organize future meet-ups.

There should be a flow and feel to your performance. If you make it to the semifinals, you will be required to submit your W2 tax form as proof of your eligibility. In my time judging the GCDO, no one scored higher than a 7, in any category.

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2014 Guitar Center Drum-Off Winner - Shariq Tucker

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Guitar Center's 28th Annual Drum-Off Winner - Mark Pacpaco

Guitar center drum off prizes and awards -

Adam Tuminaro November 6, From a pool of over 5, participants, five talented drummers were chosen to move on to Guitar Center's Drum-Off Finals at The Novo in Los Angeles for a chance to win the coveted grand title. I always found this strange, because its clear that the inclusion of the Octapad in the GCDO is merely to promote the product. If anything, this demonstrates a confidence and a flexibility that any drummer should strive to have.

Named one of the top 25 drummers of all time by Modern Drummer in , Steve Smith, occupied the drum chair for the rock band Journey from The GCDO is a golden opportunity to expand your network.

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  1. It appeared to me that there were more questions, concerns, and even complaints about this event then ever before.

  2. Developed to inspire and support drummers in the pursuit of their musical aspirations, the program provides drummers with an incentive to work on their craft, connect with a larger audience, and has grown into a sought-after launching pad for a career as a professional drummer.

  3. Over the years, Guitar Center has had the privilege of celebrating some of the best drummers in our annual Drum-Off contest.

  4. Drummers across the country began competing over three months ago at Guitar Center stores across the country.

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