Gillette treo shaver

Gillette treo shaver

Gillette introduces the first-ever razor designed solely for assisted shaving. Responsible for someone's care? Be the first to know about Gillette TREO. Gillette TREO. Search. Gillette® TREO™ 5 Pack · Privacy Featured Products. 5 Gillette® TREO Razors · Add to Cart · Gillette® TREO™ 5 Pack. $ ×. The Cincinnati-based maker of consumer goods such as the new Gillette Treo razor (NYSE: PG) noted that the product could be used by adults.
  • Gillette TREO. Search. Gillette® TREO™ 5 Pack · Privacy Featured Products....
  • How Gillette designed Treo, the first assisted shaving razor
  • With its new Treo razor, Gillette has created a more benevolent shave
  • Gillette introduces the first-ever razor designed solely for assisted shaving. Responsible for someone's care? Be the first to know...
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  • However, Gillette is hoping to change that with TREO, the first...


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How To Shave Someone Else

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How To Shave Someone Else

Gillette treo shaver -

Since most assisted shaving happens outside the bathroom, Hodgson and his team devised a razor handle with a built-in tube that dispenses a water-based gel. Armed with positive feedback from the pilot, Gillette has started selling razors to a limited number of people through its website as it assesses whether to bring Treo to the mainstream.

The circumstances of shaving were entirely different too: Workers there tested five different prototypes over three months before Hodgson and his team arrived at a final version, with the tube handle and reoriented blade. Hodgson and his team developed a series of five different prototypes over three months, returning to the nursing home with dozens of test razors for the caregivers to try out, before arriving at the final design.

Gillette treo shaver

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  1. Gillette has been designing razors since , but last year the company began testing its very first assisted-shaving razor, created to help caregivers give a close shave to elderly or disabled men.

  2. For caretakers, shaving someone else is a nerve-wracking process that requires navigating a lot of awkward angles with the constant fear of accidentally cutting them.

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