18 003 097 000

18 003 097 000

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The ratio of the gross energy cost of level walking to the BMR was calculated from an earlier analysis. Using this as an extreme example of the range that might exist in a population group, some estimates can be made for the worst case situation:.

There is a significant effect 18 003 097 000 height at a fixed weight on the predicted BMR in children, but the data are not given because the BMR has not been used for estimating energy expenditure in children below 10 years.

Further, V R variance of the requirement per day, may be calculated by the following equations:. Statistical estimates of the new variance can be obtained as outlined below. These suggest that total mean requirements may range 18 003 097 000 1. This may be a measure of the potential impact of having to assume an average profile of activity rather than having detailed information about the individuals.

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: 18 003 097 000

18 003 097 000

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18 003 097 000 Find a ps4

18 003 097 000 -

The range of variation in weights at a given age is much greater than the range of variations at a given height, this reflects the variable timing of the pubertal growth spurt. Derivation of variance for protein requirement per person per day: S E is the standard deviation of energy requirements.

First, although equation i is an exact equation given no correlation, equation ii is an approximation only. If information is available only for activity and energy expenditure on a single day, there is likely to be a major error in the description of usual energy needs attributable to intraindividual variation see discussion of time-frame of requirement and intake, section

18 003 097 000

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  1. The values for r and RSD are very close to those obtained using the equations predicting from weight only Table 5 , showing that inclusion of height does not significantly improve the precision of prediction.

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