Zemindar goodreads giveaways

Zemindar goodreads giveaways

Here you'll find your stats, Ask the Author questions, giveaways you've listed, and much more. Bookmark the link to your Goodreads Author Dashboard for easy. Best books like Zemindar: #1 Trade Wind #2 Olivia And Jai (Olivia and Jai, #1) # 3 The Eden Passion (Eden, #3) #4 Lily Cigar #5 The Proud Breed #6 The Mo. Goodreads giveawayIn "Books" interesting book, that has recently been re- issued on Amazon – it is called “Zemindar” by Valerie Fitzgerald.

Zemindar goodreads giveaways -

Yes, it was damn long. Despite being set entirely in India, it has no Indian major characters and only a few minor ones, all but one of whom are servants. Laura's story is told in the first person and her narrative voice sounds exactly as the voice of a 19th century woman should sound. Reading the description, some reviews and the title has me convinced though. The relationship between Laura and Oliver is a lovely and poignant one which takes its time to develop and is not without its difficulties and misunderstandings.

What a ample book! A wonderful distance, a exquisite romance, characters I non-standard real cared close by, an stirring story and lots of fascinating authentic detail…definitely sole of my favourite books of the year.

Zemindar is stand in India before and during the Sepoy Disobey of Laura Hewitt, a distinguished woman of twenty-four, is accompanying her newly married cousin Emily and her husband Charles Flood on a turn on to India as Emily, at eighteen, is considered too little ones to touring without another female in the saturnalia.

Laura is happy to accept the position of paid confrere — her parents are both dead to the world and she has no money of her own — but she is also enlightened that it may not be a good sense to be in such close contiguity to Charles, whom she had outworn in fellow-feeling a amour with herself before he turned his attentions to the younger, prettier Emily.

Charles and Oliver be experiencing never met but sly that his brother is unmarried and seems expected to corpse that less, Charles hopes to win over Oliver to make him his heiress.

On arriving at Hassanganj, however, it quickly becomes obvious that this make not be an light task. Laura and Emily are both fascinated nearby Oliver Erskine, though while he shows nothing but kindness to Emily, Laura finds him arrogant and annoying.

But when subvert breaks over among the Indian sepoys in the army and Hassanganj enters under paroxysm, she begins to take care a incommensurable side to Oliver. Entrancing refuge in the Residency in Lucknow where the British legion is preparing to cope with a blockade, Laura necessity decide how she in reality feels around Oliver and whether she can look to a for herself in India. First, nonetheless, she requirements to postpone alive….

The descriptions of India — the countryside, the customs, the diversity between dash in the British colonial communities and the mofussil the country areas — are extraordinary too.

No previous consciousness is needed as we have the opportunity to learn forth with Laura as the events best up to the Indian Rebellion be disclosed.

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  • Zemindar has ratings and reviews. mark said: this big fat pillow, you just sunk your head right...
  • Valerie Fitzgerald's novel, Zemindar, won in the Georgette Heyer Historical Novel prize and in the Romantic Novel of the Year...
  • Isn't this just fabulous?
  • Best books like Zemindar: #1 Trade Wind #2 Olivia And Jai (Olivia and Jai, #1)...
  • Editorial Reviews. Review. 'Utterly addictive Leaves us panting for the sequel'...
Zemindar goodreads giveaways

Would you like to win a signed copy of Dance with Fireflies for yourself or a friend? Just post a comment below for your chance to win! I will also dedicate the book to the lucky winner. One can quite imagine the joy you must be feeling seeing your book in print. What a wonderful legacy your grandmother left behind with all those treasured momentoes and how lucky to have your mother to share all those wonderful memories and anecdotes which make your book all the more authentic.

Reblogged this on janespentopaper. Good evening Jane — I have just ordered a copy of your book on Amazon. I will let you know how I find it after receipt and reading. I mostly buy books that have the days of the Raj in India as a storyline, and I am looking forward to reading this.

I was born in India — er, many years ago now! As a suggestion, may I recommend you have a look at the tea planters of NE India website http:

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Still, it never feels padded or repetitious: View all Zemindar goodreads giveaways comments. Zemindar goodreads giveaways I have to say that despite creating two very admirable, heroic, intelligent, and worthy main characters, I really did miss at least a little bit of romanticism and passion that would make this book unforgettable and an automatic re-read for me.

However, the book began to stumble. Sep 18, Caroline rated it it was amazing. May 18, at 8: Cancel reply Enter your comment here

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Zemindar by Valerie Fitzgerald

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