Maknae kpop tumblr giveaways

Maknae kpop tumblr giveaways

Undergroundkpop will be having its first anniversary giveaway:D Here are the Alright, now although we're an underground Kpop blog, there are no sites that. ?ref=ts d'awwww krystal is the maknae of the whole familyKPOP, Creative Writing, Literature, Novels. The winner of this giveaway will get one scenario request of their choice! *I'm still new to kpop so there's not a lot of groups that I'm willing to write for so make an interesting scenario, and who better of a fit than the Golden Maknae himself?.

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KPOP Male Maknaes (BTS, EXO, WINNER, SHINee, SEVENTEEN) • Hot Button
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K-Pop Giveaway! [CLOSED] Maknae kpop tumblr giveaways 191 $20 prizes for mega

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Maknae kpop tumblr giveaways 161

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Be you and be awesome because I love you 4. Yoongi Maknae kpop tumblr giveaways handle this shit! There will be 4 winners in this give away - 1st winner- 1 official poster of their choice will be able to pick 1st and 1 photo card pack - 2nd winner- 1 official poster of their choice will be able to pick 2nd and 1 photo card pack - 3rd winner- 1 official poster of their choice will pick last and 1 photo card pack - 4th winner- Maknae kpop tumblr giveaways official poster which ever poster is left How to enter: We really get along and lov.

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Maknae kpop tumblr giveaways

Maknae kpop tumblr giveaways -

Annoyed, he called out on the fan and demanded that she stopped calling. Be you and be awesome because I love you 4. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask! He snapped a selfie with Suho in the background — shirtless and with abs. Each reblog counts as an entry.

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  3. Three years ago, he was a teenager who was in high school and juggling duties as an EXO member.

  4. These giveaways are not hosted by me, I simply reblog them from the people who make them to spread the word!

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