Fudge fudge call the judge lyrics

Fudge fudge call the judge lyrics

Lyrics & Knowledge Search [Advanced] DT Forum Many of these rhymes start with the line "fudge fudge call the judge". However, this post in. Like other examples of Fudge Fudge Call The Judge, the following As an aside , I've read that "my daddy drank Cocafee" lyrics -but not that. FUDGE FUDGE CALL THE JUDGE (Version #1) Jump Rope rhyme the lyrics to that song as sung by the (Anglo-American) folk singer Jean.

Fudge fudge call the judge lyrics -

They do this at school during recess. Visitor comments and playground rhymes examples are welcome. Hudge, Fudge, Call the Judge Mama got a newborn baby Not a boy, not a girl, Just an ordinary baby Wrap it up in tissue paper Send it down the elevator First floor-stop Second floor-stop Third floor- shut the door Momma don't want the baby no more. Is it a,b,c d etc.

Fudge, Fudge, Call the Judge Azizi. Of course I'm giving it to her for Christmas so I haven't looked at it yet! Mama's had a newborn baby!

Sitting in a rocket. Judge, judge, call the judge! We used to say that?!? In addition, I believe that the "send it down the elevator, first floor-Miss! The Fudge fudge call the judge lyrics of youth, I supposeā€¦ I can see now as an adult how the rhyme could be offensive, but we just never thought like that as kids. I remember it as fudge, fudge, call the judge Momma's got a newborn baby wrap him up iin tissue paper send him down the elevator first floor STOP turners stop turning second floor DOWN jumper goes down third floor turn around fourth floor touch the ground fifth floor get out of town next person gets a turn Oh gosh, it's been almost thirty years!

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Fudge fudge call the judge lyrics -

Newer Post Older Post Home. Dunbar is one of my [ We Need Your Help! FLEA All lines are done by the leader then echoed Flea Flea fly Flea fly flo vista Cumala, cumala, cumala vista Oh no no no no da vista Eeney meaney decimeaney ooh wala wala meaney ex a meaney sal a meaney ooh wala wa Beat biddley oten doten bobo da beeten doten Shhhhht.

Note that this rhyme appears to have been played while doing handclaps. The innocence of youth, I supposeā€¦ I can see now as an adult how the rhyme could be offensive, but we just never thought like that as kids. Chocolate is a referent to flavors of ice cream or a type of candy.

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Fudge fudge call the judge lyrics

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