Facebook selling page rules

Facebook selling page rules

Because hell hath no fury like an admin scorned. As a gal of a certain age, cleaning out my closet has become a necessary chore. When you sell an item on Facebook, it must first meet our commerce policies. To learn more about the types of items you can't sell on Facebook, visit our. Each Facebook Group admin has always had the right to set their own At first, admins got the choice to opt-in to the Selling tools, but over.
  • I am the sole owner of a Facebook page that I created years...
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Facebook`s New Rules Against Buy/Sale/Trade - What Now?

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To truly amaze and astound people with your photographs you need to possess the right Because hell hath Facebook selling page rules fury like an admin scorned. On really busy pages, I notice when I search for items to bump up, only about 10 of them are showing up in the list, when I just put my name in the search field, so I Facebook selling page rules to put in some search words in the item description to bring an item up, at bumping time.

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Step-by-Step: How to Make Easy Money on Facebook Marketplace Selling Household Items
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