Do we tip furniture delivery

Do we tip furniture delivery

Dear Lifehacker, I know about tipping the obvious people—cabbies, us know to tip food delivery people, who often use their own cars; however, do you tip a Furniture/appliance delivery person: $ per person or more if. I delivered furniture when I was in college. I would say that most people don't tip. It really depended on what was being delivered. If it was just a recliner and end. It's my first time having furniture delivered (just a mattress) and I'm not sure what to expect and what the delivery guys expect.

Dresser is already assembled but it's heavy and needs to go up 1 flight of stairs. The 2 delivery guys will also assemble the crib in baby's room for us.

I imagine it will take 30 minutes. I feel like I should tip something but I'm not sure how much My husband isn't handy we get stressed when we have to assemble stuff and we don't have a truck to pick it up, so it's worth it to us to have delivered and assembled and avoid the hassle.

I don't tip furniture delivery people. I feel like that's built into the delivery fee. With that being said, if you're grateful for a service there is nothing wrong with tipping anyone.

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Not so much a marketplace or advertising platform we're not Kijiji , and please, if you have an inquiry, try out to google first or to check out the wiki and the rules before posting here. Do YOU tip furniture conveyance guys? I've Googled this problem and gotten a mixed gladstone bag of responses. Since American tipping culture is somewhat different, I'm just curious about the state perspective.

In the past I've just made them a renowned tray of sandwiches and chips or something, always goes as surplus well. I got them a package of cookies and some cold drinks to thank them for hauling this big-ass up 3 flights of stairs. It was both awkward and hilarious when I, a dead white girl, handed these two louring dudes a package of Magnify Stuf Oreos.

One of the guys looked at the cookies, looked at us, and said, "Hey! We're like an Oreo! It's an Oreo party!

Worked as a mover. How generally does the average person command the services of furniture deliverymen?

: Do we tip furniture delivery

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Rotate image Save Cancel. Page 1 of 3 Jump to page: Do you tip furniture delivery guys? It's my first time having furniture delivered just a mattress and I'm not sure what to expect and what the delivery guys expect.. But if they offered to place and position the mattress to your liking and disposed of the old one, maybe tip at your discretion. Personally I have not done this as I either paid for delivery or it was 'free'.

Having said that, if I asked the delivery guys to do something above and beyond just delivering the furniture ie. I usually do, but that's because most of them usually have to make exceptions for me.

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Do You Tip For Furniture Delivery?

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Do we tip furniture delivery -

May 17, 1. May 17, 3. Tipping culture is such an odd thing. Also, your shit is fucking heavy dude. Just pointing out that just because it's a service, doesn't mean a tip is required or should be offered. Snow, slush and salt are brutal out there. If I'm in a position where I'm comfortable enough to be buying a new couch from a moderately upscale place, then I can afford to do something admittedly small to offset the pittance that such workers get, especially when the system is benefitting me directly.

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