Cardinals game giveaways

Cardinals game giveaways

Today the St. Louis Cardinals released its promotional schedule with over 40 More than half of home games to feature a promotional giveaway. The Cardinals will be running a number of promotions at their home games that features giveaways which include an "It's gotta be the Salsa". Like most big-league teams, the St. Louis Cardinals offer plenty of freebies for ticketholders who attend games. As if offering $5 beer wasn't.

September giveaways at Cardinals games

Cardinals game giveaways -

Join your favorite morning show ladies and gents! Tuesday, August 28 vs. Sunday, September 2 vs. Patrick's Day Parade at Busch Stadium and receive an exclusive green lightweight hooded pullover. What can we attribute this spicy streak to?

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Current player Luke Voit will appear Cardinals game giveaways 5: That day, 20, fans ages 16 and over will take home their very own September T-shirt of the Month commemorating the Salsa craze, designed by Fresh Brewed Tees. Grow tall like the pros! The design of the shirt will be decided by a fan Cardinals game giveaways. Join your favorite morning show ladies and gents!

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Cardinals Promotions

Cardinals game giveaways

Cardinals game giveaways -

Monday, July 30 vs. All fans who purchase a special Theme Ticket will receive an exclusive Kurt Warner bobblehead, celebrating his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Fans who purchase this special Budweiser Bash theme night ticket will receive a limited-edition mini-bobblehead of Scott Rolen. Available in 18, 35 and game varieties, Reserved Seat Season Ticket Plans not only offer the best value at the ballpark but also provide a bevy of benefits including the ability to exchange tickets, exclusive access to the Promo Club, special gifts, events and much more.

Fans purchasing a special Theme Ticket will receive a Cardinals Cancer Awareness cap, which come in a variety of colors that signify different types of cancer. Louis Arch as the backdrop. It doesn't matter if you have been naughty or nice - Christmas in July Night returns to the ballpark on Monday, July

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September giveaways at Cardinals games |

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