Where is kentucky legend ham made

Where is kentucky legend ham made

Pick up our Kentucky Legend Oven Roasted Turkey today for the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving Kentucky Legend hams and bacon are fresh and tasty. Kentucky Legend has created a new decision tree guide at specialtyfoodsgroup. com to make choosing and preparing ham appetizers easier. It's Ham(mer) time! Serve our delectable Kentucky Legend whole ham this.

: Where is kentucky legend ham made

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Quick Bytes With Ralph Pagano: Kentucky Legend Ham

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Where is kentucky legend ham made -

We love Kentucky Legend hams!! Being from the South, I would have ham and eggs with biscuits from leftovers as well as soup bean with ham We use leftover ham for hambone soup, in scrambled eggs, and for sandwiches. Sharon Newberry November 19, at 7: I grind leftover ham with sweet pickles, boiled eggs, mustard, mayo, and a bit of bread to make ham salad.


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The Lazy Cook and The Crazy Cook make ham Where is kentucky legend ham made

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  1. I grind leftover ham with sweet pickles, boiled eggs, mustard, mayo, and a bit of bread to make ham salad.

  2. As soon as I got into it, I literally had a line of children asking me for a slice, and they kept coming back.

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