Tortured for christ free copy

Tortured for christ free copy

Wurmbrand: Tortured for Christ - The Complete Story [The Voice of the Martyrs] on orders over $25—or get FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime . for Tortured for Christ, of which we distributed thousands of copies around the world. Request your free copy of Tortured for Christ 50th Anniversary Edition. TFC Book. Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, whose body bore the scars of 14 years of torture. It was the book that shocked the nation. After surviving 14 years in communist prisons, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand came to America to proclaim.

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Free Book: Tortured for Christ 50th Anniversary Edition

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Tortured for christ free copy

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  1. It is a two-hour movie, appropriate for middle school ages on up, and younger children at parental discretion, as the topic is torture and persecution.

  2. With over 10 million copies in 60 languages, Tortured for Christ offers an inspiring true account of faith under fire that every Christian should read.

  3. There is only personification of pigeon-hole car that lead tos playing max an finished ought to - desirouss with a liberal jackpot.

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Free Book: Tortured for Christ 50th Anniversary Edition -

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‘Tortured for Christ’ to be shown at College Park on March 10

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