Prizes for students

Prizes for students

From giving your students high fives and warm fuzzies to sending home positive classroom behavior without having to resort to junky prizes?. that kids think are great! It's a teacher's handbook for alternatives to candy, so we no longer use food to reward Ann & Andy. This booklet includes prize ideas. Piece Assortment of Small Toys, Party Favors for Kids Birthday Party, Doctor Office Toys, Pinata Filler, Prizes for Students, Treasure Chest Toy Box, Carnival Prizes, Teacher Reward Kit. I bought these as rewards for my 3rd grade students. I bought these so my students could.
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  • Piece Assortment of Small Toys, Party Favors for Kids Birthday Party, Doctor Office Toys, Pinata Filler, Prizes for Students,...
  • Are your students getting straight A's, demonstrating kind behavior, and turning in homework assignments on time every week? The...
  • Motivate students with these fun ideas for small prizes and treats. | See more ideas about School, Classroom and...

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Whenever a student does something kind, he or she is rewarded with a fuzzy pom-pom from another student or the teacher. This product has 5 stars because the kids loved them and there is quite a selection for the price. The Prizes for students come apart almost like puzzles, but they are packaged individually within the larger bag so they don't fall apart and get mixed up during shipping.

They all come apart and are easily put back together. This Prizes for students a great buy!

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135 prizes for students

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The Lexus Eco Challenge: Big Prizes in STEM Student Contest Prizes for students

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