Kartmasters prizes for students

Kartmasters prizes for students

The FairFX MSA Kartmasters British Kart Grand Prix. Kartmasters. Photo credits to Chris Walker (Kartpix). LIVE STREAMING: TVKC TV. LIVE TIMING. The Geoff King Motors Australian Kart Masters held at Coffs Harbour on In the end Jonathon Males KA4 Heavy took out the prize of a new set. Ive come 3rd in each red bull kart masters race and complete all 4 races in ive not had any prize karts and ive come 2nd in all races bar one.

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Kartmasters 2005 Super Libre 100cc Karting

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Honda Cadet Final - FairFX MSA British Kart Grand Prix - Kartmasters 2018

Kartmasters prizes for students -

After his death, it was actually motocross that saved us all and put us back on our feet. The Michael Spacek special prize is highly regarded in the motocross scene.

It allowed my son to maintain his dream and carry on motocrossing. Motorsport-Newsletter register for free. The cohesion of the whole family unit, that common sense of purpose and mourning for our loss were the biggest incentives to keep going, because through spending weekends together, I didn't lose contact with the kids, even if my boys are a little older now.

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  • Michael Spacek Special Prize - ADAC MX Masters

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Herr Stange passed away with a malignant brain tumour after an illness lasting some 18 months. The sport gives you an excellent foundation in life, better self-awareness and a good attitude when dealing with defeats and setbacks, which is why all three of us love this sport so much, and we are extremely pleased that the new Kartmasters prizes for students enables us to go on practising it.

Niklas was no longer in a position to ride due to lack of Kartmasters prizes for students, nor could Claudia Stange as sole provider find the necessary funds to enable her son to compete. Motorsport-Newsletter register for free. Drivers names were drawn and the lucky drivers listed below won the prizes on offer… IAME: Ben Kartmasters prizes for students also awarded with the Tillotson Perpetual Trophy.

Kartmasters prizes for students -

Proudly powered by WordPress Theme: In , Claudia and Niklas were presented with the first Michael Spacek special prize in Holzgerlingen. From then on, it fell to Mama Claudia to look after Niklas and younger brother Henrik and make sure that her eldest could continue to motocross despite financial constraints.

Each person selected by Goldfren boss Stanislav Spacek for the award has stood out in the ADAC MX Masters not only by virtue of their performance but also by showing extraordinary commitment, by being an outstanding person, by showing fair play and by getting involved with social activities outside of the sport; the primary purpose of the prize is not to reward someone for good results out on track.

Drivers names were drawn and the lucky drivers listed below won the prizes on offer… IAME:

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The FairFX MSA Kartmasters British Kart Grand Prix

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Special award for Niklas Stange

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