Jrso prizes for games

Jrso prizes for games

Information for teachers and JRSO Co-ordinators, showing how JRSO activities Anyone can do this but only JRSOs can enter the competition and win a prize. As a JRSO, you are the voice for important Road Safety messages at school. You will . Award prizes for the class that gets the most sustainable journeys in a half term . Run a competition or games linked to travel to get people involved. Fancy becoming a Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO) and helping other people at your school stay street safe? If your school is in Hampshire.

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Jrso prizes for games -

We were delighted that the infant school took part too and helped raised lots of pennies for a road safety charity. They selected the three best entries, and gave out prizes. Especially as it is getting so chilly now! The News were impressed too so covered the story in their paper. You were amazing and of all Hampshire schools came The day saw lots of children accessorsing their uniforms with hi-vis clothing. Maybe you could use the ideas for your school!

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Entries should be posted on the site by 11am,Thursday 5 May. I have been lucky enough to visit Jrso prizes for games many schools this half term and have been extremely impressed with all the efforts Jrso prizes for games JRSO teams have been doing. The aim of a Junior Road Safety Officer is to highlight road safety issues within the school. They will be holding an assembly to raise awareness and will be promoting Fairtrade products in the school tuck shop, all for just 30p.

The News were impressed too so covered the story in their paper. There were four competitions throughout the school with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each competition.

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  1. This initiative gives pupils the opportunity to lead on promoting road safety to their school communities — in a fun way, while getting serious road safety messages across.

  2. The aim of a Junior Road Safety Officer is to highlight road safety issues within the school.

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