How to get 35 contact hours for pmp free

How to get 35 contact hours for pmp free

I obtained PMP 35 contact hours online for PMP certification through browser here for my study tips, notes and free exam prep materials. In order to apply for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam you will have to evidence "35 contact hours of formal education.” The Project. You need 35 Contact Hours for the PMP Exam, 21 for the PMI-ACP® and 23 for the Important: If you take an online class to earn your contact hours, then make . How to get 35 contact hours for pmp free

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How to get 35 contact hours for pmp free -

Contact PMI directly with any questions or concerns. Should your application be audited, then it is good to have both proof and some buffer. Online courses must end with an "end of course assessment" before providing you a certificate. This is obviously wrong. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You do not have to submit training documentation to PMI in your application.

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How to get 35 contact hours for pmp free

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6 Ways to Earn 35 PDUs or Contact Hours for PMP Exam

If you don't have a total of 35 hours then you will have to take additional training. As long as the content can be logically mapped to the project management knowledge areas then you can count courses, seminars and workshops put on by your company.

Can you shed more details on what sections may not be absolutely necessary just to get the 35 contact hours? Online courses must end with an "end of course assessment" before providing you a certificate.

You'll also know that the training has been officially approved by PMI.

: How to get 35 contact hours for pmp free

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How to get 35 contact hours for pmp free

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  1. To apply for any PMI certification exam you will have to attend a contact hours training program in project management.

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