Hits4pay payment proof

Hits4pay payment proof

Paid To Click Guide. Imagine getting paid for clicking something that interrupts your websurfing anyway: advertisements! This guide shows you how. Be sure to . If you want to make some good money with paid to click sites then you need to build your downline at sexualorientation.info because you earn a flat. Proof of legitimate payments from the Hits4Pay web site. Proof positive that Hits4Pay is not a scam and you CAN make money using the site if you work at it.

I have bygone paid 17 times:: I am exceptionally making funds and u can too! You equal don't take to lay out a penny to get a buck. Don't dwindle your surfing time, preferably surf the commercial e-mails sent to you. You don't be enduring to suborn any detestation, sell anything or sway anyone. Simply open an account with Hits4Pay, presume from the e-messages they express you and you beat a hasty retreat money. Hits4Pay pays you 2 cents for each mail you read. You get lots of e-messages everday.

Lots of e-mails means lots of cents day after day. But people living in other country requisite not suffer from disappointed. They can addition their earnings by referring Hits4Pay to other on the net surfers. When you refer your lover to league with Hits4Pay, You get 1 cent from each postcard he interprets.

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Click "View this Site" and the Hits4Pay browser window will open. Make a Free Website with Yola. When there Hits4pay payment proof ads that you can review, they will be found in your "Internal Mailbox".

By this time, you will Hits4pay payment proof compensated. Saturday, July 30, This means that for each mail you get 4 cents i. But people living in other country need not get disappointed.

Hits4Pay Payment Proofs

Paid To Click Guide

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Since I work hard for more and more active referrals, my current referral counts goes to more than , so it becomes very easy for me get commission every month. I have been paid 17 times:: Hits4Pay only allows one account per household. Again when he refers Hits4Pay to some other guy, you still get 1 cent from each mail that guy reads. Click here to see the Payment Proof - 1.

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