Halo global championship prizes for adults

Halo global championship prizes for adults

This is the Halo World Championship. The World Championship finals will boast a prize pool of a staggering $1million, while prize money is If you're thinking "I'd like a piece of that," then the good news is, you can. Good news for Halo fans! The Halo World Championship Series is a three-day EU Open LAN event which will be broadcast HCS London will feature a prize pool of $, - the biggest official prize pool ever offered for. The Halo World Championship kicks off this weekend, and the top two teams will be in tight contention for the top prize.
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Finals - Halo World Championship 2016

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Halo global championship prizes for adults

Halo World Championship

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Largest Prize Pools

MaRin leaves Topsports Gaming 2d Reuters. November 8, 7: I believe its match with Renegades will be close, but expect Renegades to come out on top and advance to bracket play. That said, Wise, Vexed and Fable are definitely a step behind all the teams inside the top This is a Halo thing. C9 Svenskeren on his wild year from Academy to Worlds semifinals 20d.

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  1. The new year presents an opportunity for unprecedented growth in the gaming industry worldwide.

  2. One of the most talked about moments from the Halo World Championship wasn't some crazy clutch play or even team OpTic Gaming's unstoppable run through every other team that won them the tournament with ease.

  3. The biggest question on everyone's mind as the weekend began was a simple one, but one with historic implications.

  4. The biggest takeaway is that everyone agreed that the top four teams are head and shoulders above the rest.

  5. Over the weekend, fans were treated to some of the greatest competitive Halo ever at the Halo World Championship in Hollywood, CA.

  6. That league will feature 14 of Halo's biggest teams -- eight in North America and six in Europe -- and will begin May 31 and end July

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