First monday in october dvd

First monday in october dvd

Based on a Broadway play by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, conservative Ruth Loomis (Jill Clayburgh) becomes the first woman to be. First Monday in October is a American comedy-drama film from Paramount Pictures, First Monday in October was first released on DVD by Paramount Home Video on July 6, No Blu ray release has been announced. First Monday in October: Walter Matthau, Jill Clayburgh, Barnard Hughes, Jan This item:First Monday in October by Walter Matthau DVD $

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First Monday In October Trailer 1981

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First Monday in October (2/9) Movie CLIP - Another Man's Poetry (1981) HD

She was the first woman justice to serve on the bench. That same year the movie First Monday in October hit the screens. Based on a play written four years earlier, this fictional film is about the first woman on the U. They balance the power with conflicting ideas and always clash, however they ultimately respect each other.

The takeaway from this entertaining film is not the story of the first woman on the High Court. It is the relationship between dissenting justices. It is the fact that respect and admiration can be sustained even though two people are on very opposite sides of issues.

Before the current stalemate in Washington, at the end of the day Democrats and Republicans were friends, not foes. They would enjoy a drink together and socialize with each other. What this film teaches us is that even though people have differing views, we all have the right to our opinions and have the right to express them, and we are all human beings and citizens of the same country.

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First monday in october dvd

First monday in october dvd -

But the movie gets sidetracked by an aimless corporate conspiracy plot and what can only be described as an intellectual romance between the two leads, which never quite catches fire.

What Lies Beneath Director: Season 4 The Deuce: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Christopher Tenney as Robinson. The cast also co-stars Jan Sterling in her final feature film role. The point of the film is that our personal convictions should not be the basis for how we feel about others.

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First monday in october dvd

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First Monday in October (DVD, 2018)

  • First Monday in October: Walter Matthau, Jill Clayburgh, Barnard Hughes, Jan This item:First Monday...
  • "First Monday in October" has been one of my favorite Walter Matthau movies. . Day O Connor loved it...
  • First Monday In October DVD For Sale Walter Matthau Jill Clayburgh that centers around the appointment of the first woman...
  • First Monday In October DVD
  • First Monday in October on DVD. Category: Blu-ray's and DVD's. was...

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  1. First Day in October puts up front the precise comic timing of Walter Matthau as an outspoken liberal justice of the Supreme Court.

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