Does fedex home delivery deliver on monday

Does fedex home delivery deliver on monday

Does anyone have experience with FedEx Home Delivery been stuck in transit about 3 hours away in Danbury, CT since Saturday afternoon. off on delivering packages to the address until the scheduled delivery date. Delivery was never attempted (someone was home all day.) on your website, did it say ' AM On FedEx vehicle for delivery', if it never was going to be delivered today . FedEx Home Delivery doesn't deliver on Mondays. FedUp Home Delivery works on Saturdays, so their weekend is Sunday and Monday. Regular FedUp (the expensive one) works on Mon-Fri.

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Shipping FedEx for Saturday Delivery

: Does fedex home delivery deliver on monday

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Does fedex home delivery deliver on monday

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  1. I just put another order in a couple days ago shipped via FedEx Ground Service and got my tracking number yesterday!

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