Copter app android

Copter app android

i Helicopter latest model. The Lightspeed Android / iPad / iPhone Controlled iHelicopter has just been lauched and it is awesome. Just download the App and let. The RC-copter that made Fisher Price controllers redundant, the original A lithe dongle coupled with a controller app that rivals the Helo. Copter Controller - IMPORTANT: Shutdown all mobile's sound effect. the Lightspeed Phone Controlled Helicopter that you then control with this app. Fly the and transmitter that are sold separately and not available on the Android market. Copter app android STEVE HARVEY 1000 A DAY GIVEAWAY

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  • iPhone/Android controlled Helicopter
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i.Copter Syma APK

Creative features in the app: This function can control helicopter's direction, you just need Copter app android move it to up, down, left or right.

On the right screen: A great gift for boys who love fun gadgets, and geeks who love their apps! I say Phone and not just iPhone because unlike other i-Helicopters on the market, this model also supports several Android phones as well. As the App is free, why not download Copter app android now Copter Controller to check out the cool user interface.

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Copter app android -

Show Hosted Video File. This made it easier to control than with a normal controller where you need to keep the throttle in place. It has iDevice and Android Support compared to other iHelicopters. On the right screen: The smartphone or tablet bluetooth control gives the helicotper a consistant hovering performane, most of the time it hovers in the air even though you don't do anything to your phone, fewer crashes!

As recommended on the Gadget Show , this amazing Lightspeed i-Helicopter is so much fun.

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  1. The iSuper Heli app turns your iPhone,iPod touch, or iPad into a great remote controller for an iSuper helicopter, which will let you experience the thrill of flying a helicopter via your iPhone,iPod touch, iPad and Android!

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