Bubble trouble animal jam prizes for bubble

Bubble trouble animal jam prizes for bubble

I took screenshots of the prizes for the adventure, all the images belong to Animal Jam. Hope it's helpful! Animal Jam-Bubble Trouble Prizes. Bubble Trouble is the first underwater adventure that came to Animal Jam. The dolphins have been captured by the phantoms and are stuck in. Animal Jam Spirit Blog: Bubble Trouble (Hard Mode) Prize Guide. Bubble trouble animal jam prizes for bubble 277 Spa sonic skin care Walmart go for the gold sweepstakes scam Bubble trouble animal jam prizes for bubble

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Bubble trouble animal jam prizes for bubble

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Bubble trouble Hard mode with secret turtle gate Animal Jam

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Bubble Trouble

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  • Bubble Trouble was released on June 12, , with its hard mode being This is...
  • Bubble Trouble is the first underwater adventure that came to Animal Jam. The dolphins...
  • In Bubble Trouble (animal jam's first underwater adventure) you meet Liza, the panda alpha...
  • Animal Jam Spirit Blog: Bubble Trouble (Hard Mode) Prize Guide. Animal Jam Bubble Trouble walkthrough, prizes, and cheats.

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Bubble trouble animal jam prizes for bubble

Don't worry about which one to take, they both go to the same place. I was going to leave him last until In exchange, he keeps the gems and the prize. It was fun all the same. You'll also know a treasure chest when you see one. Get their attention one by one and lure them into the chomper clams. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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